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Video games are a fairly new thing of mine, but I have making all of the aspects that make a video game for many years now, it's just that I finally started putting them all together in the Unreal Engine!

I am using the Blueprint system for all of the functionality, I do write software using C# and I *could* write game functionality in C++ in the Unreal Engine, but after playing with their Blueprint visual scripting, I don't think I will ever look back - it's very cool and if you've ever wanted to make a game you should really check out the Unreal Engine!

You can check out some of my work over at the City of Titans site - most of the character creator work is mine (I am "GeeksGoneBad" over there) :)

Game Development Portfolio

Here are a list of videos that I've had some work showcased in - below each video I will describe what my role was that's being showcased - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  •  My YouTube Playlist for Unreal Engine Development lessons - LINK
    • I am responsible for all of the content in my Youtube videos





Gameplay Links - LINK and LINK and LINK
Link to game on Steam - Colony
Link to game on IndieDB - Colony
Colony (Space Exploration Game)
Colony is a game I made as a solo developer and released to Steam.
I did everything for the game, made all assets and all functionality was done through Blueprints.
City of Titans



Costume Creator ("Dresser")
"Dresser" is a blueprint component that can be attached to the character blueprint and gives the ability to load 100s of different material options as well as 100s of different choices of costume parts to various 100 areas of the character (head, eyes, ears, torso, back, legs, feet, etc...)

The costume creator work I've done involved extensive Blueprint scripting as well as creating and working with structs, datatables, functions, external function libraries, UMG, and tons of material work.

The video also shows the radial menu UMG component I created that populates it's entries based off of many datatables of costume parts and costume part locations.

I did not create all of the UI assets, only the radial menu, but I wired them through blueprints to be able to drive the Dresser component.

Link to example video - Link



Building Generator
The building generator is a "Level Designer" tool that I wrote to quickly assemble a building from hundreds of modular assets, giving a few options to the level designer.

I did not create the mudular assets, only the interface and system to assemble them into a unique building.

Link to example video - LINK



Various other systems
Many things I've done are not highlighted on any particular video, so here is a list of some other notable blueprints I've built.

  • Material assignment system: This was an editor enhancement for level designers to give them control over material options without having to manually select textures for any given material from over a thousand options.
  • MMO system, setting up the MMO system involved SQL server set up, game server set up, compiling both game and server versions, and getting several different systems working together to be able to have multiplayer functionality
  • Countless work on materials and material functions for all areas of the game.
  • Countless work on Characters, Character blueprints, and Animation blueprints.




Matter of State



Link to gameplay video
Link to Itch.IO page

Matter of State

Team of 5 Game Jam Entry.
100% Unreal Engine Blueprints.
I created many of the 3D assets, the monolith destruction animation and blueprint, and the main character




Link to gameplay video
Link to Itch.IO page
Team of 3 Game Jam Entry.
This was a game we made for the Houdini Game Jam - done in Unreal Engine Blueprints.
I created the character and most of the assets and FX in Houdini.
 Through Darkness 



Link to gameplay video
This was a game I submitted as a solo developer for an Epic Game Jam.
Written entirely in Blueprints
I only created the game functionality, all assets are from the marketplace


Notable Systems I've developed
In no particular order - here's a list of some things I've developed I thought worth noting


Lock, Key, and Door system
I created a system for doors, drawers, and anything else that needed to be locked. I Included several different "Key" systems (physical key, combination lock, remote trigger, etc...) that could open the item and also fire off sounds and animations.

Link to example video



Procedural Docks
This is a system I wrote for level designers to quickly place and customize a Dock.
I created all of the assets, and all of the functionality was done in Blueprints

This is now available on the Unreal Marketplace as well.

Link to example video


Unreal Engine C++ Project Renamer
It's a hassle to rename a project that was created using c++ in Unreal - this app renames it for you and drill down into all the code and renames the appropriate areas that need renaming.

This is available for free on GumRoad



My Garage Workshop

All of my CNC and Electronics prototyping stuff has been growing on the My Garage Workshop website for many years now, I will be continuing to post over there as well as here! :)


Youtube Channel

Started a new YouTube Channel - Check it out HERE


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Varitech stands for "Various Technologies" because I offer such a wide variety of services. Check out my galleries for my best work in all the various disciplines!

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