Video Games

Video games are a fairly new thing of mine, but I have making all of the aspects that make a video game for many years now, it's just that I finally started putting them all together in the Unreal Engine!

I am using the Blueprint system for all of the functionality, I do write software using C# and I *could* write game functionality in C++ in the Unreal Engine, but after playing with their Blueprint visual scripting, I don't think I will ever look back - it's very cool and if you've ever wanted to make a game you should really check out the Unreal Engine!

Please check out my latest video game blog posts below and also check out my first "official" game here - Colony

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My Garage Workshop

All of my CNC and Electronics prototyping stuff has been growing on the Backyard Workshop website for many years now, I will be continuing to post over there as well as here! :)


Varitech Games

My first game is underway! 

It's a space exploration game and all about saving the human race! :)



About Varitech

Varitech stands for "Various Technologies" because I offer such a wide variety of services. Check out my galleries for my best work in all the various disciplines!

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