Software Development

Software development is a pretty wide field, you can have software on the PC or Mac, your Android or iPhone, heck even your toaster probably is running some software these days, and most certainly your coffee maker is!

I mainly write software for Windows and the web, but I have written code that runs on Microcontrollers as well (like your coffee maker!) I do not write Android apps nor anything for the Mac world

  • My Software Development Skills
    • Windows Apps
    • Websites
    • Web Applications with Microsoft .Net
    • Database Applications with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
    • Microcontroller Programming (Parallax Propeller)


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About My Development

Just wanted to start out the blog talking about what I use for Software Development. 

I have been using Delphi for many many years, but in the last 8 years or so I've been using Visual Studio and coding everything in C# .net.

My Garage Workshop

All of my CNC and Electronics prototyping stuff has been growing on the My Garage Workshop website for many years now, I will be continuing to post over there as well as here! :)


Youtube Channel

Started a new YouTube Channel - Check it out HERE


About Varitech

Varitech stands for "Various Technologies" because I offer such a wide variety of services. Check out my galleries for my best work in all the various disciplines!

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