Working on Modelling and Texturing

Hey everybody, just sharing the work I've been doing on 3D modelling and Texturing for Unreal Engine assets. The model below was modelled from a Digital Tutors tutorial, but it stops at the model in it's smoothed preview mode, so I took it a few steps further and created a high poly and low poly model, baked the normal map, and then did some texturing in Substance Painter.

The first picture is the high poly model, and the second is the model in Unreal Engine with it's textures. The high poly model is 185,000 tris and the low poly that you see in the game is only 4,500 tris! Not too bad really, I don't think :)

Stun Gun High Poly Model


Stun Gun in Unreal Engine 4

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All of my CNC and Electronics prototyping stuff has been growing on the My Garage Workshop website for many years now, I will be continuing to post over there as well as here! :)


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Varitech stands for "Various Technologies" because I offer such a wide variety of services. Check out my galleries for my best work in all the various disciplines!

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