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I thought I'd start out this blog by talking about the software that I use and what my general uses are. 

I use a variety of software, a lot of times in conjunction with one another. For instance I use Maya for creating 3D models, but I also use ZBrush to sculpt on thos models sometimes, and Photoshop is used for textures, but I also use Substance Designer and Painter a lot to work out textures, and recently I've started playing around with Houdini - which is a very cool and powerful program! Here's a list of all the software I use for multimedia, this is by no means a list of what I think are the best apps in the world, even though *I* might think they are that subject is debated heavily across the internet, this is just *my* list... :)

  • Unreal Engine - Game Development
  • Autodesk Maya - 3D Modelling, Animation
  • ZBrush - Sculpting on 3D Models, detailing
  • Houdini - Procedural 3D modelling, Animation, Special FX, Physics Simulations and FX
  • Adobe After Effects - Video Special Effects and Compositing
  • Adobe Premier - Non Linear Video Editing
  • Adobe Photoshop - Image manipulation
  • Substance Painter - 3D Model textures
  • Adobe Illustrator - Vector Graphics / Logos
  • Cakewalk Sonar - Multi track audio recording, mixing, and mastering
  • Sony Soundforge - Audio editing

With this list I can pretty much do whatever I want - now *knowing* how to do what I want is a different story :) I use Digital Tutors a LOT - I'm a tutorial junkie...

My Garage Workshop

All of my CNC and Electronics prototyping stuff has been growing on the My Garage Workshop website for many years now, I will be continuing to post over there as well as here! :)


Youtube Channel

Started a new YouTube Channel - Check it out HERE


About Varitech

Varitech stands for "Various Technologies" because I offer such a wide variety of services. Check out my galleries for my best work in all the various disciplines!

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